Meet the Doctor

Dr. Heith Miller

dr heith miller

Dr. Heith Miller, your Marion, VA chiropractor, grew up in Southwest Virginia and graduated from Honaker high school in 2002. It was a basketball injury his senior year of high school that put him in contact with his first chiropractor. His first experience, and the benefit he received from chiropractic care, was enough to eventually lead him into this great profession to provide care for others. After high school, he attended King University in Bristol, TN, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 2006. He was also a member of their basketball team during the 02-03 season. He then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic (the founder of chiropractic) in Port Orange, FL, where he graduated Cum Laude in 2010. While attending chiropractic school, he was an active member on the sports council team, working with every level of athlete from little league to pro. He looks forward to working with our local athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness buffs to help develop a plan to get the most out of your body. For anyone interested in bringing fitness into your life, he’s here to help develop a plan for you as well.

His goal is to teach you and your children how to live a healthier lifestyle so that the body is able to function at a higher level. He will discuss topics such as diet and exercise, proper sleep patterns, and stress relief. He wants his patients to be able to take responsibility for their health so they don't have to rely on medications and/or surgeries.

He stresses to all of his patients that you shouldn't wait until you are in pain before you have a spinal, and posture, checkup performed. This is like waiting until you have a toothache before you start brushing your teeth. People often neglect the health of their spine until breakdown and degeneration have led to symptoms. Just as you take care of your teeth to avoid decay, spinal health should be more important. You don’t have a major part of your nervous system running through your teeth. However, your spine does. If you wait until you are in pain, something in the chain has already been compromised. At this point, you must go into a fix and repair mode. Dr. Miller’s goal is to show patients how to play a preventative role with care so that you can hopefully reduce both the frequency, and duration, of your break downs.